I–Sight Africa was established in 2003. We are located in the beautiful & sunny city of Durban (South Africa). We provide an edge in offering best quality products to the Ophthalmic fraternity in Southern Africa at very competitive prices. We specializes in offering Ophthalmic products (including Instruments, Equipments, consumables etc.), especially eye surgery instruments and incision knives. Our products meet all the requirements for 'CE' certification.

I–Sight Africa supplies instruments and consumables to many private and public sector hospitals and doctors alike. We are very proud to be associated with community projects run by various NGO, where cataract operations are conducted for FREE for members of the community who are not able to financially afford such operations.

I–Sight provides service to hospitals in various provinces across South Africa. Taking into account the HUGE backlog of people awaiting cataract surgery throughout the country, our main objective is to provide BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES with the goal of providing highest level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to reduce the costs involved in cataract surgery to enable wide spectrum of South African residents to afford an expensive procedure and offer experience of the wonderful gift of life - 'SIGHT' - we truly believe the cost factor should not cause a hurdle in the life of a person who has lost vision due to cataract.